What if the “GAP” was the missing tools all along?

‘Every student can learn, just not in the same way or the same day’.  – George Evans    As a newly qualified teacher in 1980, I realized very quickly […]

Congratulations Charmaine Cowell

Congratulations Charmaine Cowell – Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) 2021 – 2022 for the 5th year in a row.         What is the […]

Congratulations Cindy Scholtz and Athi Valela

Congratulations Cindy Scholtz and Athi Valela Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE) 2021 – 2022         What is the Microsoft Innovative Educator ( Mie […]

If it scares you, it’s probably worth doing!

There is never a dull moment working in the education digital transformation space! You constantly need to remain relevant and up to date. Digital transformation is dynamic and ever-changing. You need […]

Teacher, teacher, how does your garden grow?

This article is dedicated to my Marigolds:  Rika Kroon (my first Marigold), Charmaine Cowell, Lindsay Wesner, Sihle Maseko, Alicia Brink, Barbara Brand, Katy Ockers, and Marchelle […]

Cosmopolitanism is a cocktail of connectedness.

The fourth industrial revolution, the 4Cs, future-ready, AI – all included in a plethora of catchphrases that swirl around the educational landscape. After a while, we […]

The Influence of a Role Model

I recently attended the Schoolscape Premier 2021 event, and at the end of Session 1, Rian Truter gave an inspirational chat about role models. He introduced […]

The Teacher’s Effect

If I asked a group of people what attributes an effective teacher has, I bet you there would be a myriad of different answers. Teaching is […]

Global Pandemic: An opportunity to re-invent education.

Human behavioral responses are conditioned through stimulus-response patterns and associations between them, as well as through reinforcement techniques. Much of how we experience the world around us and each other has […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Life and Education.

Young people are engaging in so many important topics such as love and meaning and justice. The arrival of COVID-19 brought a new set of questions about how we learn and communicate with one another. How do I talk […]

Digi know about Class Notebook, Assignments, Grades and Insights in Class Teams?

Now that the learners are back at school, you can harness the power of Teams even more by using the powerful collaboration and productivity apps built […]

Benefits of using an MIE Trainer for professional development for your team. 

Microsoft Innovative Educator Training   Facilitators/trainers who want to train educators and school leaders on the effective use of technology in teaching and learning are required to complete […]

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for education and using NBConsult Learning as a service provider

Security: Office 365 is a very secure platform if correctly setup and configured.  When considering a cloud solution, security is very important. NBConsult can assist here. Click here to find out more about NBConsult […]

Congratulations Charmaine | Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert – 5th time in a row!

NBConsult has stumbled upon a gem – at the end of 2019 we met Charmaine Cowell when Nicolas Blank our CEO introduced her to us, and she did some Microsoft Innovative Education training with some of […]