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We live in exciting times and exciting times lead to exciting innovations and developments! NBConsult has launched a new learning division in order to strengthen and build on our promise of “ Everything in IT as a Service” as well as in response to the growing shift to online teaching and learning and the need for educators to enhance teaching using digital tools to engage learners in a relevant and meaningful way.

Our Learning team is well equipped to provide interactive, hands-on professional development via face-to-face or remotely in both the education and business environments.

Our aim is to debunk the myth that cloud computing and using digital tools to work smarter, not harder is difficult and costly. We empower educators and business to embrace technology and use the powerful digital tools that are available as part of the Microsoft Office 365 package.

The Office 365 Education suite of productivity, communication and collaborative applications are free for all Western Cape Education Department (WCED) public schools via the licence purchased by the WCED. This suite is also available for independent schools at very affordable rates.

NBConsult Group is well-positioned to cater for all the digital needs of schools and business in terms of setting up O365, ongoing technical support, supply and installation of fibre connections and now professional development and support. We will provide guidance and support to enable you to navigate your digital environment with confidence.

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charmaine cowell

Charmaine Cowell

Head of Learning

Charmaine Cowell heads up the E-learning and Training division of the NBConsult Group. The division was created in April 2020 in response to a need in both the education and corporate space to upskill and empower people in terms of working and teaching remotely or in a hybrid environment.

Charmaine hails from an educational background. She is a qualified teacher who taught for many years before moving into Curriculum development, textbook authoring, IT Integration and Education Consulting.

Because of her passion for empowering people to use digital tools to navigate their digital world successfully, she refers to herself as a Digital Transformation Activist and a Microsoft Crusader.

Charmaine is a Microsoft Certified Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Microsoft Certified Teams Administrator Associate and a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow.

Charmaine is passionate about family and climbing mountains, which is where you will find her when she is not at her desk.

lenny baron

Lenny Baron

Social Media Manager

As a Sales Consultant and a Digital Marketer for the NBConsult Group, Lenny is NBConsult’s Marketing Guru and also manages the group’s social media.

Lenny’s insight and understanding of people and how they operate enables him to connect and communicate in a very special way. He thrives on exploring new technology and uses his self-taught skills and creativity to produce engaging marketing and social media material.

Apart from his excellent workplace skills, Lenny is a self-taught musician and loves gardening. When Lenny isn’t at his computer, he is spending time with his family.

cindy scholtz

Cindy Scholtz

E-Learning Trainer

An E-Learning Trainer for the E-Learning and Training Division of the NBConsult Group.

Cindy feels strongly that people need to be empowered when it comes to the Digital World. It is the way for the future. She believes that it is important for children to be given the opportunity to learn about computers and be digital super-stars by the time they leave school.

Cindy is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) 2021 – 2022.

Microsoft has designed amazing tools that can be used to create learning opportunities for children which is what drives Cindy’s passion for her job.

When she is not in the classroom, Cindy explores new awesome tools or relaxes with a good book.

athonkosi vaela

Athonkosi Valela

E-Learning Trainer

Athi has really found his niche in the world of digital literacy empowerment. He thrives on exploring new technologies and creating engaging courses around those technologies.

Because of his passion for empowering people to navigate their digital world confidently, he has developed into a confident and highly competent trainer. Athi is a MIE Master trainer who loves working with Microsoft tools, especially those tools that automate and simplify tasks and processes.

Athi is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) 2021 – 2022.

Through his keen interest in coding and coaching, he passionately debunks the myth that coding is only for Math and Science experts.